Taos Revolt 1847

National Archives State History Lessons With Story of Where, history comes to life for students when they’re able to stand on the exact location where history unfolded. By combining existing primary source materials and giving them geographic context, students are able to identify with the experience of the Taos Revolt. […]

Honored to be a National History Day Judge

National History Day – Boulder Valley School District Through my participation in the Boulder Heritage Roundtable, I was presented with the opportunity to judge at the Regional 2015 National History Day. Having reviewed numerous websites over the past few days, I am humbled by the incredible work these students have created. This year’s theme is […]

Explore the Architecture of Frank Lloyd Wright at Wingspread

Description Visitors approach Wingspread at the entrance of Four Mile Road. The drive, marked by easy turns which follow the land lines of the prairie, crosses a wooded ravine before the building comes into view with its dominant earth colors. The 12-acre conference center site is extensively landscaped in a […]