Historical Marker Digital Media Library

The Solution

The Solution

The Solution | Photo: Bud Kuenzli

Integrate “Historical Marker” Media into your Mobile Offering

Some of our customers prefer to create their own mobile app and simply license our content and API. We support this model as well, providing our customers with a wide variety of choices on their implementation. Our API provides access to Places, Reviews, Social engagement and more, so if you prefer to simply use our RESTful APIs, we’d be thrilled to support you! Please let us know by completing the form below.

Story of Where® is a mobile heritage media platform comprised of a rich repository of nearly 100,000 heritage sites, open APIs for simple distribution and sharing and mobile apps for search and discovery.  Our heritage content is comprised of both natural history and cultural history, providing an expansive view of not only human history, but also history of our planet.


Heritage Media RESTful APIs


Search and discover rich heritage places using an intuitive, RESTful interface supporting geo-locationtags and place meta-data information. Explore our growing data set of heritage media and have fun building heritage applications in the cloud with ease!


Story of Where™ System Overview



Put your Company’s Logo, Colors and Content in Story of Where

Story of Where®  is a mobile data platform with an Open API and scalable cloud architecture to support the efficient collection, curation, annotation, archiving and retrieving of place-based media. With nearly 100,000 sites across the United States and the ability to easily scale our data and access model, our solution complements existing infrastructure investments by extending our partner’s data into the cloud in a format optimized for mobile and social engagement.

The Story of Where®  app has been designed on top of our platform to provide the best interactive mobile and social experience possible. Our user experience is simple and intuitive and scales easily across mobile device platforms.  The user experience may be branded with a partner logo and 2-primary colors, providing brand continuity and recognition. We work closely with designers to incorporate a simple treatment for the Story of Where®  name and logo.


Need Help with a Custom Solution?

For brands requiring total control of the mobile experience, we provide custom app development services providing you with a truly amazing mobile heritage app at a fraction of the cost and time to complete. Working with top brands and corporations, our designers and developers work closely with your team to define the visual elements and mobile app experience consistent with your product vision.

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