Education Pilots


Notable Pioneer Citizens

Boulder, Colorado

Casey Middle School

Columbia Cemetery,  National Register

The Casey Middle School Pilot had students use the Story of Where mobile app to explore their local history and identify historic sites in their community.  One of these sites was the Columbia Cemetery, a local site recognized in the National Register of Historic Places.  While visiting Columbia cemetery, the students visited grave sites for many of the notable citizens who made Boulder their home in the late 1800’s.  The students researched and authored short bios for a few of these pioneers  and this information has been included in the Story of Where History section.

Giving students an opportunity to craft their own stories and include them in Story of Where was a rewarding experience for everyone involved. Students, who spend considerable time interacting with digital media, are usually consumers of content.  As story producers, the student’s conceptual understanding of digital media and how apps work in general is expanded and quickly their creative and curious minds begin to explore and discover the stories all around them.

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What History Teachers and Education Specialists have to say about Story of Where

“The information on the Story of Where app provides students and teachers with rich information that is otherwise very hard to obtain.”
— Lisa Norton, History Teacher, Casey Middle School, Boulder, CO


“Using the Story of Where app in the classroom allows educators to utilize a technology that is familiar with them to get them excited about local history.”
— Emilie Kintner, Education Specialist, Boulder History Museum


“Making stories of Michigan’s past more accessible to people is an important part of our outreach effort.  Having an app that puts a lot of those stories at a person’s fingertips will expand our reach and involve more people in learning our stories.”
— Sandra Clark, Director, Michigan Historical Center

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