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Working with educators and curriculum professionals to help design and position our app, Story of Where serves as a complement to existing American History lessons.  The Story of Where Heritage Platform contains nearly 100,00 cultural and natural historical sites across the United States, with an additional 144 World Heritage Sites in Canada, Mexico, Central America and South America.  The Story of Where library of historical sites continues to grow as we partner with local heritage organizations across the United States and incorporate state and locally significant sites.  In addition, working with education professionals, Story of Where may be extended with new stories and new connections creating thematic collections of heritage sites that tell a story from our past.

Story of Where for Mobile Learning is continuously evolving with wonderful feedback from our user community. Key to the development of the Story of Where education program are pilots where the technology and stories come together in the classroom and the students gain hands-on experience exploring their local history.

Read about our Education Pilots and real world experiences with Story of Where in the classroom as we continue our journey to improve education through mobile technology.


National Archives – Expansion Era History | Taos Revolt

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