Heritage Sponsorship Program




The Heritage Sponsorship Program provides businesses a channel to support their local heritage landmarks, promote their business and brand into their surrounding community and share their support for the preservation of local heritage.  Through an annual Heritage Sponsorship, part of which is tax deductible, the Heritage Sponsor appears alongside the selected site in multiple channels including the Story of Where mobile app, the associated web page for the heritage landmark and through our syndicated Story of Where feed.


  • Expand awareness of your business and brand as a supporter of cultural and natural history
  • Improve visibility of your business in connection with local heritage events, museums and the heritage community
  • Tell your story and capture and share the local history of your building and neighborhood
  • Provide tax deductible contribution to a local Heritage Partner to help promote, protect and preserve your local heritage resources
  • Learn about the rich history that surrounds us everyday and share in the Story of Where

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