Honored to be a National History Day Judge

National History Day – Boulder Valley School District

Through my participation in the Boulder Heritage Roundtable, I was presented with the opportunity to judge at the Regional 2015 National History Day. Having reviewed numerous websites over the past few days, I am humbled by the incredible work these students have created. This year’s theme is Leadership and Legacy in History. For the website category, this brings together biographical websites on the most inspirational leaders and teams in human history that have demonstrated a lasting legacy of leadership to better the lives of all human beings.

Oda Nobunaga

Oda Nobunaga

10th Mountain

10th Mountain Division

wernher von braun

Wernher Von Braun







After an initial perusal of each site, we (the website judges) are faced with an exceptionally difficult task in selecting only the very best work as so many of them are already exceptional. I look forward to working with Dr. Patrick Tally, a Colorado University History professor here in Boulder, to help support these wonderful students, provide some positive guidance on their projects and to help select the regional level winners.

Many thanks to all the wonderful people that make History Day possible. I look forward to meeting teachers, students and many like-minded history educators tomorrow in what will certainly be a fantastic and memorable day.