Increase Awareness of your State’s Historic Landmarks

Letter to the State Historic Preservation Offices

We believe historic landmarks are an essential part of our cultural and natural history.   Since 2012 History Spots has been curating historic sites from the National Register, National Historic Landmarks, the National Parks and State landmark programs.  Using original nomination forms managed by the National Parks, we have capture, index and archive content for nearly 100,000 historic sites across the United States of America, including the sixteen (16) US territories and over 1,000 UNESCO World Heritage Sites.  In May, 2013 we launched our debut mobile app Story of Where, where this information is easily shared with a growing and engaged audience of mobile history fans.   Please read more about how we can help fund your historic landmark program, increase awareness of your state’s historic sites and grow your landmark program into revenue generating business.

This is where History Spots enters the picture. We manage historic landmarks as a service.   We provide you a reliable, secure and extremely low-cost way to manage your historic landmark program in the cloud. With the advent of the Internet, mobile phones and social networking, the expectations and demands on each SHPO has grown exponentially and the infrastructure and level of service required quickly exhausts most SHPO’s internal resources.

To address this niche, History Spots has created the Story of Where historic landmark service. Story of Where provides a secondary record of source for the historic sites in your state. This information is comprised of primary and secondary source records that you share with History Spots, and that we in-turn manage and share with your audience. In addition to the photographs and stories you provide, we work with you to link additional photographs, videos, podcasts and oral histories, capturing the intrinsic value of your landmarks by including the additional historic context.

Our mission is to serve as a digital bridge between the SHPOs and support a collective guild approach for the tooling and infrastructure to service the evolving digital needs of your audience. While having your own mobile web app, or enhancing your historic sites with augmented reality (A/R) may not be feasible within your state’s budget, leveraging the collective and common goals of the SHPOs as a whole provides a unique opportunity to address the growing needs of the 21st century citizen.

Please reach out to us to learn more about this unique opportunity.

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